Jarne Delarue

Hey there,

I'm Jarne Delarue

A full stack web developer and Linux enthousiast

About me

Hi there! I'm a full-stack web developer and Linux enthusiast based in Flanders. I enjoy building beautiful and functional websites. As a student, I'm constantly learning to stay on top of the latest technologies.

With my strong technical skills and attention to detail, I strive to create seamless user experiences that bring ideas to life. When I'm not coding away at my computer or studying for exams, you can find me tinkering with Linux and exploring new technologies.


Some projects I've built



League of Statistics

League of Statistics is a website that shows you statistics about your League of Legends account, per champion you play. You can also view champion information and abilities. It was build with micro-interactions and accessibility in mind.

HTML, CSS, JS, Node, Azure Functions, CosmosDB, Riot API



Research Project - HTMX - ElysiaJS - Live-streaming

How do you build a performant real-time live stream collaboration tool using HTMX and a bun-Elysiajs backend?

HTMX ElysiaJS Websockets WebRTC Cloudflare-Stream Supabase



Team Project - Jumping Jaws

Jumping Jaws is a co-op game where you have to steer a boat through a river full of obstacles. You have to avoid obstacles by jumping on a trampoline. If the left player jumps on the trampoline, the boat will move to the left and vice versa. The jump tracking was done with an Xbox Kinect 2. There are 2 buttons, to navigate through the menus. We were fortunate enough to present our game to the public at Facts gent and GameForce Brussels 2023

C# Unity Xbox-Kinect-2 NodeJs Express MySql Websockets ESP-32 C++ Serial-communication Scrum Agile



Industry Project - Digital Patient Twin

Digital Patient twin is a platform to enable continuous observation of a patient, offering notifications, realtime data, and patient analysis to a medical professional, unfortunately, I can't show the code for this project.

Vue Nuxt Typescript .NET Azure authentication pub-sub cosmosdb Microservices Dapr



Air insight - Digital air quality monitor

Air Insight is a digital air quality monitor that can be used to monitor the air quality in your home or office. It is a project that I made for my "Project One" at school.

HTML CSS JavaScript Socket.io MySQL Python Flask Raspberry Pi

Other projects

  • Roman converter

    A simple app to convert Latin numbers to Roman numbers.

    Expo ReactNative TypeScript

  • HTML colors

    A simple app that shows you a random html color.

    Expo ReactNative TypeScript Animation

  • Portfolio

    This portfolio

    Nuxt Vue Typescript TailwindCss SPA

  • Sports Complex

    A website to manage a sport complex. Currently not live due to cost of hosting.

    Vue Nestjs Docker Typescript TailwindCss SPA PWA GraphQL Jest MonoRepo MongoDB Firebase

Get in touch

I'm still finishing school, but I'm always open to new opportunities. If you have any questions or want to work together, feel free to contact me.